2011 – The Lost Posts – Summah time

5 Jan

I was looking through some old pictures and found some posts that I was too school-crazed to put up.   I’m really looking forward to this upcoming semester, I’ll be doing an independent study that finally allows me to focus on making plus-size clothing.  As much as I love my program, the school only has the fit mannequins to support making (and being graded on) clothes that go up to a size twelve.  I can’t wait to start my lingerie collection! Ahh! There will be leather.  Oh yes, there will be leather.

So here I am in the early days of autumn, already missing the late sunsets and preparing to be under-dressed for winter – I always am.

The hair is getting a little out of control, but we’ll pretend that it looks great.  I’ve been growing it out from a bob for the last year and I’m doing my best to leave it alone.  Grow! Grow!

All of the necklaces were made by me under my Hibou Accessories line (sorry, shop is still closed folks).  It’s actually sad to see my fave lava rock necklace here because I broke it a month ago from too much drunk flailing at the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah show at the Opera House.  The silver ring on the left is stolen from my soul mate, the snake is from h&m and the double finger ring is Dorothy Perkins.

I love this circle cut crop top.  I bought it at a Target in L.A. and I’m pretty sure it is supposed to be for teenagers.  I love it anyways!

The bag was an awesome Value Village find and I bought these boots from the Vintage Section at the Clothing Show in Toronto a few times ago. Here’s the rundown:

Top – Target

Beater – American Apparel

Black “Treggings” – Dorothy Perkins

Vintage Boots and Purse

Soul matey photographer.  He has a full beard now, I miss the chops!


One Response to “2011 – The Lost Posts – Summah time”

  1. Steph Eh January 10, 2012 at 11:33 pm #

    what are treggings?!

    tree + leggings?

    trusty leggings?

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