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Instagram Catchup

8 Mar


Since I’ve been an unreliable blogger lately, I thought I would catch everyone up on the ugly faces I’ve been making, cat pictures I’ve been taking and various other moments from the last little while.

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Experimenting with body chains – what do you think, ladies?



Ron and I decided to spend a weekend making  a stop-motion short about a cactus.  We spent most of the time doing weird faces at each other instead.



Salad jarring for life!


I am the luckiest girl in the world.





And some outfit posts too!



The Love Yourself Event at Tabula Rasa

22 Feb


Just before Valentine’s Day I collaborated on an event with one of the best boutiques in the east end, Tabula Rasa.  The “Love Yourself Event” featured my jewellery line Hibou and I was there customizing necklaces on the spot while TR was debuting some of the their new must-have spring pieces.  Here are some pics from the night!


Here I am in my favourite shirt that I hand-shredded while watching too many episodes of my ultimate guilty pleasure, Star Trek: TNG. What am I looking at? Probably the delicious vegan cupcakes that are just in front of me.


Vintage dead-stock chain and stone bracelets.

Dancing kids

My hubs and my bud dancing to (probably) the Supremes.

tea break

Tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea!

delish treats

farm for andy


One of the customizable Hibou pieces is the Mojo Bag.  Pick a stone that speaks to you, choose your re-purposed leather swatch, we prepare it, and you walk away feeling the positive vibes!

mojo bags

Some gorgeous babes wearing Hibou Mojo Bags.



My newest collection is a mix of semi-precious stones, vintage and new chain and some really special charms.  It is still available for sale in Tabula Rasa and will be online really soon!


Thanks to Tabula Rasa for a great night!!

xoxo Amarina

OOTD – Pleated skirts and sneaky announcements

27 Aug

This weekend, I took advantage of some summer evening light to show off one of my favourite skirts ever.  EVER.  I’d been wanting a pleated chiffon skirt for a long time but was unwilling to pay an arm and a leg for one, mostly because I’ve been a broke student for the last two years.  When I found this sweet gem I am sure I let out an embarrassing squeak of excitement – it was only $8!  I love that I can dress it up (I wore it with a fancy top to my convocation), or down (bra out) and it always feels right.

Very obsessed with these shoes, I love the happy coral soles!

Since I’ve been talking vintage a bit here, I’m going to take this opportunity to announce that my PLUS SIZE VINTAGE ONLINE STORE is almost ready to go!! I’ll be posting about the launch in the very near future.  Be excited ladies!

On the bod:

Tank – Old Navy

Skirt – Thrifted

Shoes – Dolce Vita

Bag – Thrifted

Jewelry – Vintage and Hibou (made by me)

I can’t believe that summer is almost over, enjoy every moment!

xoxo Amarina

OOTD Summertime Velvet

30 Jul

This weekend Ron and I kicked off our week-long concert marathon by seeing The XX at The Phoenix. They set the tone pre-show by filling up the theater with what seemed like record-breaking amounts of dry ice and gothic lighting. So feeling inspired in the midst of a pastel/floral/neon/sunshine-y summer, I busted out my black velvet skirt and my moon print tank from my first Ursa Major collection.

As always, piled on the jewellery like there’s no tomorrow. The necklace is vintage chain and crystal from the last Hibou Accessories collection that I did and the rest I’ve accumulated over my years of fashion hoarding.

Used to be more self-conscious about showing my whole back but now I just say “fuck it, this is my body right now and it’s awesome” and wear the shit out of see-through, low cut things. There’s not enough time in my life for hate!

I love these shoes! They were stupid cheap at Value Village and even though they destroy my feet, they are so legit 80’s. Outfit details:

Sunglasses/Glasses (stolen from my true love) – Zenni Optical
Tank – Ursa Major
Skirt – Thrifted
Shoes – Thrifted
Jewellery – Hibou Accessories & various
Nail Polish – OPI Charged up Cherry & Maybelline Porcelain Party

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!
xoxo Amarina

2011 – The Lost Posts – Summah time

5 Jan

I was looking through some old pictures and found some posts that I was too school-crazed to put up.   I’m really looking forward to this upcoming semester, I’ll be doing an independent study that finally allows me to focus on making plus-size clothing.  As much as I love my program, the school only has the fit mannequins to support making (and being graded on) clothes that go up to a size twelve.  I can’t wait to start my lingerie collection! Ahh! There will be leather.  Oh yes, there will be leather.

So here I am in the early days of autumn, already missing the late sunsets and preparing to be under-dressed for winter – I always am.

The hair is getting a little out of control, but we’ll pretend that it looks great.  I’ve been growing it out from a bob for the last year and I’m doing my best to leave it alone.  Grow! Grow!

All of the necklaces were made by me under my Hibou Accessories line (sorry, shop is still closed folks).  It’s actually sad to see my fave lava rock necklace here because I broke it a month ago from too much drunk flailing at the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah show at the Opera House.  The silver ring on the left is stolen from my soul mate, the snake is from h&m and the double finger ring is Dorothy Perkins.

I love this circle cut crop top.  I bought it at a Target in L.A. and I’m pretty sure it is supposed to be for teenagers.  I love it anyways!

The bag was an awesome Value Village find and I bought these boots from the Vintage Section at the Clothing Show in Toronto a few times ago. Here’s the rundown:

Top – Target

Beater – American Apparel

Black “Treggings” – Dorothy Perkins

Vintage Boots and Purse

Soul matey photographer.  He has a full beard now, I miss the chops!

OOTD – School time

25 Nov

So here I am looking all loose and fancy free – this is misleading.  I’ve actually been trapped in a vortex of school work, studying, sewing, no-sleep induced delirium and a cornucopia of complaining about all of this.  In retrospect it’s all been worth the learning experience, despite coming out of the tail end of this semester with no social life, major eye bags and complete neglect of my blog!  Allow me to catch you up.

This is totally an outfit that I would wear to school (minus the 3 bags I have to carry full of sewing/drafting supplies, fabric and an unorganized mish mash of papers).   Wait, that is not completely accurate.  This is an outfit I would wear to school on days when I don’t have to be up at 6am for 8am class.  Those days I look like a frightening, greasy wildebeast raging out on too much caffeine.  I won’t post about those days, I promise.

I absolutely love this blouse, it was a must-buy when I saw it in a little independent shop in San Francisco.  The asymmetric hem is all very now and not very flattering and I don’t care!  I love it!

I found this horsey belt buckle at a garage sale this summer and I’ve been wearing it like there’s no tomorrow.  The clutch has been packed away with a bunch of shit I have been hoarding since my job at a thrift store when I was in high school – it was just begging to be used.


Pretty obsessed with these grey suede clogs.  They were $8 at Value Village.  EIGHT BUCKS!   Actually, if I want to get long-winded here (and I do) I’ll fill you in on how I felt like these clogs dropped into my lap for karmic-ish reasons.  I had gone to the Toronto Clothing Show a few times back and discovered the most amazing pair of wood clogs with fucking sweet floral tapestry on the top.  Tried them on and GASP! they fit perfectly.  I hummed and hawed over the $40 price tag (in retrospect, the price should not have been an issue.  Plus, they weren’t even expensive!) and decided to not buy them.  This choice haunted me daily for probably 18 months, until these bad boys landed right in my face on a casual thrifting adventure like it was no big deal.  Maybe I do believe in fate after all.

All of this jewellery I made myself under my Hibou Accessories line.  Unfortch, I had to put it on hiatus to focus on school but that’s not to say I won’t be pulling some gems out in the future!

Blouse – Some San Fran boutique

Beater – American Apparel

Jeans – Forever 21

Shoes – VV

Clutch – Vintage

Jewellery – Hibou Accessories

xoxo Amarina

OOTD – Holiday Bliss

4 Jul

Had a lovely Canada Day with the mister this weekend, doing completely relaxing things.  It’s very difficult for me to take it easy; I’m always working on something – even when I’m watching the most ridiculous of vapid television shows which I try to watch to turn the ol’ grey matter off.  So it was nice to be able to run around, eat sushi, take pictures and act like an idiot with the soul mate.  It was fantastic.

It was ridiculously hot out so I wore these things:

Maxi Dress – Old Navy

T-Shirt – American Apparel

Shoes – Urban Outfitters

Bag – Vintage Coach

Camera – Holga

Earrings – Vintage

Necklace – Made by me, right before we left!

See, I am capable of more than just leggings!

Xoxo Amarina