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It’s analog o’clock!

22 Aug

I’ve been going through a bunch of old Lomo scans from my Diana Mini and getting really excited to have my next couple of rolls developed.  I brought it with me to Cuba and hopefully got some really cool shots of the gorgeous landscape…or I took a bunch of the ground and the inside of my purse. That’s the beauty of analog photography right? Right?

Well I found so many that I thought fondly of so I broke this post up into two, I’ll be posting the rest of them tomorrow!


xoxo Amarina

Rock sculptures at the beach in Toronto.

Ron in Carmel, California

Cacti in L.A.

Ron working mutton chops at our home base.

Is it surprising that the most delightful squirrels live in one of the most beautiful places ever? (Big Sur, CA)

Snowin’ and bowlin’


OOTD #2 – Playground Love

24 May

Scarf – Permanently borrowed from Lady (vintage)

Earrings – Hibou Accessories

Denim Shirt & Leggings – Old Navy

Moccasins – Get Outside

Leather Bag and Gold Belt – Vintage

Beautiful weather always calls for walks hand-in-hand with my other half.  We stopped at one of the many parks in our family-filled neighbourhood to eat some fruit and ham it up.  It finally feels like summer is on it’s way and I welcome it with open arms!

xoxo Amarina

OOTD – Outfit of The Day #1

16 May

Hat – Urban Outfitters Men (stolen from my soul mate)

Cape – Urban Outfitters

Earrings & Leather Clutch – Vintage

Leggings & Sweater – Old Navy

Moccasins – Get Outside

Beautiful sunny days now make me want to get all dressed up and have photo time outside!  Unfortunately my grueling school schedule only allows me to chuck on some leggings and shades to hide my makeup-less face.  Photoshoots happen on tea breaks and I’m okay with that…I’m on a mission and I’m comfy!

xoxo Amarina